I remember my toy box as a child.

I remember it was big, no no, it was HUGE! I remember the colour. Black and painted with a very thick paint….I remember the paint looked like oil. I remember it was really heavy, so heavy that I could never move it so it always stayed put in the passage. I remember my friends coming over and making a mess of my bedroom. I also remember that cleaning up was a breeze as everything just went back in to the box. I remember digging through the toys at the bottom which I thought I had lost along the way. I remember hiding in the box and getting scold at by my mom. I remember slamming the lid shut and not even realizing that it could hurt my little fingers. There was nothing holding the lid up and it could come crashing down at any point. I also remember I didn’t care, because all I knew was that when I opened my toy box, my imagination started running wild and it was time to play!

I remember that many years later, it ended up in the garage filled with my dads tools.  It was worn and old, but it was still the mighty magical toy box I grew up with that gave me years of unimaginable joy.

I remembered, because today somebody asked me how I came about the idea of starting a business of making toy boxes. I told her about my light bulb moment, but when I really sat back to think about it, I remembered that as a child, my toy box made me happy. I guess what I searched for when I felt stuck in that corporate world was how to be happy, truly impeccably undeniably happy.  Yes, I was happy that we had two beautiful daughters, I was happy that I had married my twin flame, I was happy we had a beautiful home…but the happy I was searching for, was the happy I came to find by starting my own business.  This happy… was the happy I needed to complete my happy.

What gives me the greatest joy is that so many children out there are creating their very own Momster Box memories.  It’s the place to sit on, to jump off, to read on, to write on (there’s a chalkboard option J )  It’s a space ship, a car, a doctors bed, a private fort, a treasure chest, a shopping checkout counter…  I know this because I see it with our daughter’s every day.

So as I look back at a point of my life, the memory I thought I had so long forgotten about, I realized that a childhood memory of being happy brought me to this point in my life today. My toy box, as a child, brought me years of JOY and HAPPINESS and today as an adult I can truly say… it’s happening all over again.

Love & Light

Vikki Momster

Our girls ‘cleaning’ their Momster Box

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